Together We Can..

ENABLE Every Child in India to get access to Quality Education

Who We Are

COT Charitable Corporation (COT) is a venture philanthropy organization that aims to enable access to quality education in India by supporting high performing non-profit organizations with financial capital, strategic mentorship, and access to personal networks in order to drive meaningful change.

COT is a vehicle to channel the personal philanthropy of the founders, who donate a fixed proportion of their incomes each year. The organization is registered in the United States as a 501 (c)(3) organization and operates as a grant making organization.

What We Do

1. We Raise

Funding that comes from founders and their personal networks – 100% of this is channeled to non-profits, and always will be

2. We Diligence

Identify high potential education non-profits in India based on impact metrics, and operational/financial parameters

3. We Support

Meaningful financial capital for grantees, coupled with strategic and operational advisory support and access to our networks

4. We Engage

Ongoing engagement, performance monitoring and impact assessment of grantees to ensure maximum efficacy of investments

Impact Stories

Ganitha kalika Andolana (GKA) program has significantly improved levels of math learning amongst students and has made life easier for teachers.
- Akshara Foundation

Akshara’s flagship program combines a strong pedagogical framework with a technology based assessment and monitoring system to drive systemic change and improve math literacy rates.

"We couldn't be prouder of Deepalaya, they have transitioned their physical libraries into virtual story-telling sessions and writing seminars, helping 2,900 students maintain their literacy and writing skills during a pandemic."

Deepalaya’s Community Libraries and associated Reading programs advance the underlying infrastructure, helping underprivileged children as young as 3 years old start their reading journey and gain access to quality learning materials.